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    Japan related sites:

    Eat-Japan Magazine

    All sorts of information about Japanese food in the UK. FREE magazine detailing Japanese food outlets, showcases new products, chefs and informative articles. They organise the SUSHI AWARDS each year and do plenty to raise the profile of Japanese food in the UK

    www.eat-japan.com »

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    Tokyo Design

    Contemporary traditional modern Japanese Furniture and Oriental Interiors

    www.tkyd.com »

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    Yakiniku and Takoyaki Flash Games!

    You can perfect your table-top cooking skills with these games! Instructions are in Japanese but click and drag stuff and you’ll soon get the hang of if!

    www.project-design.com/PlayGame/frymeat.swf »
    www.project-design.com/PlayGame/cooking.swf »

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    Asahi Beer

    Our favourite Japanese lager-beer! “Asahi super-dry”

    UK site www.asahibeer.co.uk »
    Japan site www.asahibeer.co.jp »

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    Toyko Plastic

    Not food related, but a Japanese style site. Without doubt the best Swift 3D animation we have seen on the web to date. The site itself has some great links too! Click on the Japanese characters and be prepared to be completely blown away! (recommended for Broad band users only)

    www.tokyoplastic.com »

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    Samurai FM

    An online radio station featuring a Japanese artists with Japanese language option.

    “Breaking down terrestrial boundaries, speaking the international language of rhythm, samurai.fm is your gateway to a new international soundscape. Featuring the freshest sounds from the international scene as well as the finest home grown talent from Japan, we act as a portal for Japan to the rest of the world and the rest of the world to Japan.”

    www.samurai.fm »

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    Merlin Productions (UK)

    If you have a Japanese imported car and can only get Radio 2 on the stereo, these guys have a gadget to fix it without having to replace the stereo.

    www.fmbandexpanders.co.uk »

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    Japanese Language Resourse sites:

    Altavista’s Babelfish

    Amazing online translation tool. Paste or type Japanese script into the translation window and “hey presto” it translates it. Not always perfect but can give a good idea. You can even put a Japanese website address and it will convert it to English for you!

    babelfish.altavista.com/tr »

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    Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Japanese-English Dictionary Server

    It may not be much to look at, but this site is a very powerful Japanese to/from English dictionary and more.

    www.wwwjdic.com »

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    Other great sites:

    Bus Selecta

    Build your own classic VW camper, beetle or Porsche with this site! Great fun - play for hours!

    www.busselecta.com »

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    These guys do some super cool clothing. We also love they way they do business and care for the environment too. Howies, like Yakibox, give priority to good quality of product to the customer before making a profit. Are we crazy? Definitely not.

    www.howies.co.uk »

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